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Sum of trigstat.triginspill WHERE goodrun = 1, in millions. (See the MIPP dB for a description of the database tables, and the query to produce these numbers.

Data Points

Entries in bold red meet or exceed the run plan.
Entries in italics are not in the run plan.
Entries with less than 100K events have been omitted.

Data Summary
27 February 2006
Acquired Data by Target and Beam Energy
Number of events, x 106
Target E Total
Z Element Trigger Mix 5 20 35 40 55 60 65 85 120
0 Empty1 Normal 0.10 0.14 0.52 0.25 1.01
K Mass2 No Int. 5.48 0.50 7.39 0.96 14.33
Empty LH1 Normal 0.30 0.61 0.31 7.08
1 LH Normal 0.21 1.94 1.98 1.73
4 Be p only 1.08 1.75
Normal 0.10 0.56
6 C Mixed 0.21 1.33
C 2% Mixed 0.39 0.26 0.47
NuMI p only 1.78 1.78
13 Al Normal 0.10 0.10
83 Bi p only 1.05 2.83
Normal 0.52 1.26
92 U Normal 1.18 1.18
Total 0.21 2.73 0.86 5.48 0.50 13.97 0.96 2.04 4.63 31.38
1The run plan assumes that "Empty" (target out) data would be taken as a fraction of the allocated statistics, not as a separate item.
2The Kaon mass measurement was made without reading out the TPC or the ECAL, which speeds up the data rate by ~20. The 14.3 M event total is equivalent to ~0.7 M events of normal running. A significant fraction of this data was acquired in the last two weeks of beam after the JGG magnet failed, which precluded taking useful data with the TPC anyway.

Coarse Totals by Program

Program Events, x 106
Solid Thin Targets 8.19
LH Target 7.08
NuMI Target + C1 3.11
K Mass 14.33
1Carbon data is also included in "Solid Thin Targets." We have 1.78M events on the NuMI target.

Data Accumulation Plot as of 27 February 2006

The following plot shows the monthly and cumulative data accumulation over the history of MIPP (or, look at the weekly plot).

The blue histogram and line, All Events and Cumulative All, show the monthly and cumulative totals of all events recorded. Apart from the production runs in red, essentially all of this is in Test runs.

The red histogram and line, Production Runs and Cumulative Production, show the monthly and cumulative totals of beam-triggered events from Production runs after 1 January 2005 that are flagged as goodruns.

Most of the calendar time has been spent on thin nuclear targets.

The green box, LH Target, shows when the liquid hydrogen target was installed.

The orange box, NuMI Target, shows when the NuMI neutrino target was installed.

Plot of events per month

Plot of events per month

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