MIPP Batch Processing


Offline processing of MIPP data happens on the fngp-osg farm at Fermilab. The software is also capable of being run on other grid sites.
Processing is split into a number of passes.
  1. Raw2root converts raw data to ROOT format.
  2. Pass 1 performs basic calibrations:
  3. Chamber alignment
  4. Pass 2 performs calibrations that depend on tracking and results of pass1:
  5. Pass 3 performs calibrations that depend on Pass 2 results. The calibrations, track finding, and vertexing are refined in further passes.

More Information

Data to be processed in Round 3

2985 runs, 40.9M events (16.8M on K-mass)

Selection criteria: PSQL criterion string is
WHERE where trigword&x'1000'::int=0 and detectorword&3!=0 and nevent>500 and trigword&x'FCFFF'::int!=0

The list of runs was selected into table runs_r3 in batchproc database for future reference.
Click here for summary of runs or here for a detailed run list.

Tracking progress

Summary of processing is written to the batchproc database, where raw2root, pass1, pass2, and pass3 are defined. All of these tables inherit from table bp whose structure is:

Column name
Type Meaning
run integer Run number
subrun integer Subrun number
site text The site where file was processed (FNAL or LLNL)
host text Host name of machine that did the processing
blkin integer Input file size in number of blocks (1024 bytes)
blkout integer Output file size in number of blocks (1024 bytes)
Output histogram file size
datestart timestamp with time zone Time processing began
dateend timestamp with time zone Time processing was done
exitstatus integer Exit status of the job (0 if everything is ok)
round integer Processing round
release text Software release that was used

Andre Lebedev, Holger Meyer