Proposed scheme to send slow spill beam to Meson Area that does not reduce the rate of antiproton production. Fermilab-TM-213 (.ps, .pdf, .txt)

MC-5 and 6 layout

Beam Cerenkov

Horizontal Trigger Counters (a.k.a. cosmic paddles)

E706 Cerenkov—Carol Johnstone’s paper

                          __Ionnis Kourbanis Thesis Chapter 4

Thornton Murphy’s beam design

MIPP Beamline Comparisons

MIPP Beamline schemes

MIPP Beamline plots

Based on the latest beamline design, we have re-calculated the total number of protons needs for MIPP as well as revised the tables 3,4,5,6 of the proposal. The revised numbers can be found in the pdf and MS Word documents. The Excel spread sheet used to make the revised calculations can be found here.


MIPP Beamline latest (Carol Johnstone) design pictures  3D view ps eps      Cut view ps eps


As we proceed to install the MIPP beam, the beamline specifications are in the beam and survey sheets. The status of the magnets is in the magnet staus list. The optics of the beam line (beta functions, beam sizes, dispersions and phse advances are given below for on momentum and for off momentum by +/- 2%.  The beam sheets and survey sheets can be edited by saving the file and right clicking on the edit. Please propagate the edited versions by E-mailing the htm file to Rajendran Raja.


MIPP Beam Sheet—Latest beam sheet based on Design 8—Official version

MIPP Survey sheet—Latest beam survey sheet based on Design 8—Official version

MIPP Primary beam sheet—MIPP primary beam sheet

MIPP Magnet status—The current state of the MIPP magnets, their FRD numbers and location

MIPP Optics plots—Plots of MIPP optics.

MIPP Beam dump analysis- Where the beam hits the dump for various momenta

MIPP_beam_material-Number of interaction lengths in the beam in MIPP

MIPP beam scrapers+collimator cage—Drawings made by Kostin

MIPP_magnet_measurements- Spreadsheets and plots on MIPP magnets processed at the Technical Division (Courtesy Dave Harding)

Residual Dose calculation- Mikhail Kostin's plot shown at the 7/31/03 MIPP-beam-meeting

Muons in Portakamp- Geant/Mars calculation of muon induced radiation doses  in portakamp note by Kostin,Meyer, Raja

Beam design paper submitted to PAC03

Kostin SA document

Brown,Jensen SA/SAD documents-Oct 6 version

old EXCEL Spreadsheet to tune the MIPP Secondary Beam line

new MIPP Secondary Beam line tune calculator

Linearized Beam Tunes + Expected Beam content and rates


Beam Cerenkov Trailing edge positions as a function of beam momentum and particle species


MIPP 120 GeV Beamline Project Plan

EPH, 06/11/01

R.Raja, 3/20/03

HM, 7/31/03