5.6 Differential Cerenkov Counter (CKOV)
5.6.1 CKOV Move and Installation Design specify position in E907 apparatus x,y,z coordinates in MC7 access into CKOV location signal, low voltage and high voltage cable way gas system location specify mechanical support system floor rails CKOV undercarriage cable trays allowing for CKOV motion gas system allowing for CKOV motion CKOV lock down specify electrical system -5VDC  system for photomultiplier tube bases threshold voltage reference system for photomultiplier tube bases High Voltage system for photomultiplier tube bases specify gas system gas hut - pressure regulation, heating, gas usage plumbing requirements exhaust, recovery specify electronic system Cable plant discriminator - TDC ADC system monitoring
5.6.2 CKOV move arrange equipment move between BNL and Fermilab inform BNL property office inform Fermilab property office inform Fermilab PPD arrange truck transport for CKOV box arrange deinstallation tasks at BNL carpenter support for mirror boxes rigger support for moving CKOV box Health Physics survey of items deinstall, pack and ship from BNL to Fermilab iron shields photomultiplier tube bases photomultiplier tubes primary mirror pannels CKOV box protection arrange receive at Fermilab drive all items except CKOV box from BNL to Fermilab identify storage location for CKOV box and parts receive and store at Fermilab unload parts at storage location rig CKOV box off truck into storage location
5.6.3 CKOV Undercarriage Fabrication obtain existing CKOV documentation specify installation site in MC7 monte carlo calculation of apparatus mechanical design of CKOV stand area design undercarriage fabricate undercarriage install undercarriage
5.6.4 CKOV Freon Recovery establish specifications for gas emissions at Fermilab estimates of gas usage limits for CFC release limits for greenhouse gas release system design review E690 system design from Liquid Carbonics review current ES&H system requirements complete "modern" system design system fabrication system installasion system commissioning
5.6.5 CKOV Locate in Position move CKOV pieces to MC7 for staging unpack CKOV parts and assess damage test bench check of photomultiplier tube bases darkbox test of photomultiplier tubes purchase replacement photomultiplier tubes and spares obtain spare bases rig CKOV box in position install CKOV photomultiplier tubes and bases install CKOV primary mirror arrays align CKOV primary mirror arrays install front and back windows install Chamber on front flange check for light leaks
5.6.6 CKOV Connections obtain electrical safety approval obtain gas safety approval turn on photomultiplier HV cable high voltage install CKOV high voltage system commission CKOV high voltage system turn on photomultiplier base power supplies cable low voltage system install CKOV low voltage system commision CKOV low voltage system establish connection to front end electronics cable signal outputs cable threshold system install threshold system commission threshold system fill volume with N2 plumb gas connections install gas system commission gas system fill volume with Freon install Freon components of gas system commission Freon components of gas system