MIPP Tracking Chambers


Chamber Summary

The MIPP experiment uses three small drift chambers to measure the beam particle and six large chambers to track reaction particles downstream of the TPC. Four of the six large chambers are drift chambers similar to the beam chambers in design. The two chambers in front and behind the RICH detector are PWCs.

All nine chambers have four planes of sense wires. The Beam Chambers have 160 wires per plane. All BCs are identical. DC1 has 512 wires per plane. DC2, DC3, and DC4 have 512 wires on planes 2 and 3, but only 448 channels on planes 1 and 4 with wires at larger angles. The two PWCs have 640 wires per plane. The total number of wires to read out is 14848. The 9728 BC/DC channels are read out through 1216 8-channel preamps and 304 32-channel discriminators. The two PWCs have 160 32-channel preamps. In the first MIPP run the BCs and DCs were read out with LeCroy 4291 TDCs. The PWCs used RMH electronics.

The wire spacing is 1 mm in the Beam Chambers and 3 to 3.5 mm in the DCs and PWCs. The BCs and DCs have wires at angles of +/-7.93 and +/-21.60 degrees to the vertical. The PWCs measure x in plane 1 (vertical wires), y in plane 2 (horizontal wires), and angles of +/-28.07 degrees in planes 3 and 4.

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