MIPP Getting Started Page

This page is a collection of information that someone starting new with e907 might want. Since I am new, I have tried to remember all of the steps I needed to learn to get started and put them here. This is in no way a complete list, just some handy information. Please feel free to add/edit this page. (To keep the style the same, this page is an edited version of the main E907 web page.)

Registering your Laptop

Mandatory registration for use of DHCP at Fermilab is targeted for Nov. 3, 2003. This means after that date you can't use your computer, unless you have registered its hardware addresses.

My notes for registering my laptop are here.
To register your machine go here.
To check if your machine is registered go here.

Installing Kerberos (i.e., kerberizing your machine)

  • MacOSX

    Getting a Computer Account (also getting FNAL visitor's ID)

    This is actually a rather simple process with two steps. The first step is to get a FNAL visitors ID, and then you can get a computer account. The details are in the following email that was forwarded to me. All I can say is that the process worked just as stated in this email, and was quite painless. It only took me a few days.

    Where the #%@#$% is an editor?

    Unless you are one of those strange people who actually likes vi, you might find yourself asking the question in the title of this section. I logged into one of the computers that the FNAL people sent me in my welcome e-mail (fsgi01,fsgi03,fsui02,fsui03), typed pico, and I got nothing. Then I tried emacs, nothing. It appears that FNAL has their software setup so one has to "setup" each package that one wants to use. I don't completely understand it yet, but if you just want an editor type "setup name_of_editor". For example if you want emacs, type "setup emacs", or in my case "setup pine" for pico. They also have nedit that looks interesting. There is a way to set this up in your .cshrc file, but I haven't taken the time yet to figure it out.

    How can I edit the web pages? (So I can make a better Getting Started page.)

    OK, now you can log in and edit stuff. Maybe you want to get at the web pages to post some work, or add to this page. The web directory is located on afs in the directory /afs/fnal.gov/files/expwww/ppd/physical_experiments/e907/html/ . There is one catch, you can't edit these files without one more permission. You need to be added to the afs group e907agr. Who do you ask for this permission? I'm not sure who is responsible, but I asked Peter Barns, pdbarnes@llnl.gov, about the problem, and he sent an e-mail to Karen Carew carew@fnal.gov. This put me on the permission list rather quickly, and here I am mucking with the e907 web pages.

    Original author Mike Heffner, 07jun01