MIPP MC7 Enclosure


  1. Current Experiment Layout
  2. Photos of the Worm

Current Layout

Floor Elevation Survey

RICH Rail Elevation Survey

Component Coordinates


Gary Smith maintains the current version of the experiment layout in the MC7 worm, with structural details.

Layout (1/22/03, .pdf)


Cross Sections (1/22/03, .pdf)

Layout Cross Sections

Photos of the Worm

Concrete Block being moved out of MC7. Mike Mascione et al

Looking Upstream into MC7- Almost empty

Steel shielding . To be removed?

Looking Downstream towards the bay door MC7

M-Bottom Shoring Work A great deal of work has been done to engineer the support structure for the magnets Jolly Green Giant and Rosy. The engineering design by Bob Woods, approved by FESS is being implemented currently-19-Sep-01

While the building was gone, after the magnets were assembled:

View from the east.

View from the west.

PDB, 8/13/02