E907 Project Management

Cost and Schedule Plan, SOWs

Procurements Through Livermore


Current Project Documents

March 2003 Installation Schedule (v2.05:  summary, detailed, both pdf)

Current Dictionary and Estimate (v1.10, pdf)

Cost and Schedule Plan Document (v1.0, pdf)

Livermore-Fermilab FY02 Statement of Work (v1.1, pdf)

Procurements Through Livermore

For procurements larger than $200 and that do not require vendors to come on to the Fermilab site, we are placing orders directly from Livermore:
  1. Fill out the LLNL Physics and Advanced Technologies Purchase Order Request
    Don't forget to fill out the Date Required and the total Estimated Cost (at the bottom).
  2. Fax to Peter Barnes, 925-422-3384.
  3. All material will be shipped directly to Leon Beverly at Fermilab.


Livermore-Fermilab Memorandum of Understanding (pdf)

DOE DP Academic Alliances Program

Section I. C. 3. (p. 8) states:
Research proposals are solicited in the area of nuclear science with an emphasis on low energies. The specific sub-areas of interest are:

d. Investigations of particle production and advanced diagnostic techniques relevant to high-energy proton radiography;

That's us!

Solicitation Web Page

Solicitation for Applications (MS Word, .pdf)

Pre-Applications Due:


Applications Due:


PDB, 4/24/02