MIPPRing Imaging Cherenkov Detector

This RICH detector is refurbished from the SELEX RICH detector.Because of our lower energies, we plan currently to use CO2 gas asthe radiator.

Calculated radii for RICH filled with CO2

RICH ELECTRONICS write-up + Engineering drawings (L.Stutte et al)

RICH Efficiency Study (Raja)

Some interesting RICH Numbers (Raja)

Results from Work Done Summer 2001

The following tests were performed by Alexander Kozhevnikov, Earl Swallow and Ben Blaiszik.

Map of RICH problems found (.pdf)

List of RICH problem channels (.pdf)

RICH front end electronics test summary

RICH Tips and Hints from Kozhevnikov

Status Talks from Collaboration Meetings

15-16 February 2002 by Earl Swallow (.pdf)

15-16 February 2002 by Sten Hansen (.pdf)

9/29/01 by Earl Swallow (.pdf)

9/29/00 by Earl Swallow (.pdf)

Analysis of Rosie FringeFields in Vicinity of RICH PMTs (pdf)

RICH Stand Drawings

RICH pictures

One set

Another Set

PDB, 4/4/02