Design Studies

Initial Design Study, USC (.ps, .pdf)
size, location, time resolution, PID
TOF Study, Raja (.pdf)
PID vs. time resolution, photon conversion, hit multiplicity, optimize number of counters

Rosie Momentum Measurement Studies

Issues with the TOF: Momentum Resolution and RICH hits, USC (.ps, .pdf)
Rosie momentum resolution, conversion and RICH confusion estimate
Back of the Envelope Resolution Study, USC (.pdf)
analytic study of Rosie momentum resolution
Ed Hartouni studies:
email commentary

Charged Particle Tracking Through Magnetic Fields, Hartouni (.pdf)

Some Investigations on the Time-of-Flight (TOF) array Multiple Coulomb
Scattering (MCS) on tracking and momentum resolution, Hartouni (.pdf)

Peter Barnes' corrections to Ed's study

T0 Box inside diagram and pictures: 1   2

Beam TOF Module

Other TOFs

The CDF TOF Detector (.ps,.pdf)
ALICE RPC Design study